Our light and heavy duty shelving units are simple to assemble, and can be put together by one person.

For those of you who prefer to read, there are step by step instructions below. But if you are more visual (like me!) this video is super helpful.

Handy Tip: Even if you prefer written instructions, I would still recommend taking a peak at the video prior to beginning the assembly. Some of the steps are much easier to explain while watching, rather than me attempting to explain in writing!

Shelving Unit Components

First, a quick run-down of what each element of this storage system is called.

There are 3 main components to this storage system:

An UPRIGHT, is sometimes referred to as a leg, frame or column.

A BEAM also known as cross bar.

The SHELVES can also be called a shelving insert or level.

Below is a handy graphic to refer to, with pictures of each component highlighted.

shelving components describing upright beam shelf

Now for the instructions!

Prepare the area

Clear your assembly area of anything you don’t need. It’s a good idea to use a space close to where the shelving is going to be permanently. That way you don’t need to move it later.

Once the area is clear, remove all cardboard and plastic for the beams and shelves. Count each item to ensure they are all there.

Assembly Instructions

Holding one frame upright, take one beam and insert it into the upright at the desired level. 

Once you have fixed one side, take the opposite upright and insert the other end of the beam into that. 

Inserting the beam into the frame is simple. Just line the teeth up with the opening, and once inserted, apply downward pressure to lock it into place.

Note: all of the beams are exactly the same, there is no ‘bottom beam’ or ‘top beam’. You can just take any beam and start assembling.

Still working on the same side, add the top beam next. This will balance the unit and give it stability, making it easier to insert the following beams. Next, add the middle beams in exactly the same way, until all levels are in place.

Handy Tip: it is a good idea to count the slots as you go, to ensure the levels are equally spaced.

When you have one side completed, move the unit into place, and start on the other side.

Add the lowest beam first, then add the shelf level. Do this by simply inserting the shelf level in between the two beams. It should fit snugly between the two beams. 

Continue adding all beams and shelf levels.

The last step is to install the safety pins. These add extra stability to the shelving unit.

Insert a pin into each level, on both sides (the instructional video will help you with exactly where you need to place the pins).

It’s that easy!

Prefer to leave it to the experts? No problem!

We can deliver and install your shelving for a small fee. Simply contact us and it can easily be arranged.