We are still waiting for the day that a Hollywood star walks through our door, looking for the solution to all their shelving requirements. It hasn't happened yet, but we are confident that it will. Any day now.

So in the meantime…..
Lets have some fun and assume they did!
I’ve picked my Top 4 Hollywood actors and tailored some storage solutions just for them. For each actor, I’ve taken into consideration the weight of the items they need to display, and the type of item. Are they better being visible for the world to see, or tucked away in a draw? Are they heavy or light? What do these celebrities have on their shelves anyway?
Of course, each actor has some Golden Globes and Academy Awards under their belt. Those monsters are heavier than you imagine.

Did you know?

A Golden Globe weighs 2.5kgs, and an Academy Award weighs 3.9kgs? I didn't. Not to mention actors have other hobbies and interests aside from being fabulous, so I’ve taken that into account too.

Let’s get started.
Meryl Streep
Wow, what a woman.
Meryl has been nominated for a record 21 Academy Awards and has won 3. I thought that was impressive. But it turns out she has also received 32 Golden Globe nominations and has won EIGHT. This is more nominations and competitive wins that any other performer.
So that means Meryl has to find a way to display over 30kgs of awards.
Interests: You might be surprised to know that Meryl loves knitting. In fact, if you look closely at the shawl she wears in the movie “Doubt”, she actually made that herself. So, we are adding a pair of knitting needles to her shelf.
FUN FACT: for Devil Wears Prada fans. After playing Miranda Priestly, Streep kept the iconic sunglasses she wore on set. We all remember the ones.....
meryl Streep devil wears prada

The Anna Wintour-esque shades make a re-appearance in Mamma Mia!, during the “Money, Money, Money” number.

Ok this got the better of me and I sat through all 2 minutes, 52 seconds of the You Tube clip until I spotted them. They definitely make an appearance. If you want to spot them yourself scroll through until 2 minutes, 32 seconds. Or, like me, you can watch the whole thing. I may have watched it more than once.


Our recommendation for Meryl

Between her 30kgs of Awards, her dainty knitting needles and her fab sunnies, the best choice for Meryl is a glass display cabinet.
glass display case for awards

Each shelf level can hold up to 15kgs, and she can even make her awards stand out with downlights. The cabinet is lockable, so her precious knitting needles and sunglasses will stay secure.

Denzel Washington
One of my all-time faves. Does this man make a bad movie? The ones that top the list for me are Fallen, Training Day, Philadelphia and Déjà vu. But I think you’d struggle to find a bad one.
So, what does Denzel need to display?
Given Denzels total is 3 Golden Globes and 2 Academy Awards, that’s over 15kgs of awards that need to find a home. He doesn’t quite beat Meryl, but it’s still pretty impressive.
Interests: Denzel loves boxing, and still boxes as a hobby today.
FUN FACT: I bet you didn’t know that he is a devout Christian who has considered becoming a preacher. He reads the bible daily so we have no doubt there one on his shelf.

Our recommendation for Denzel

retail showcase display

Our four-cube glass display case. His awards can be displayed proudly on the top 2 levels, his bible on the third and his boxing gloves down the bottom.


Julia Roberts

As far as actresses go, this woman can do no wrong. Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favourite movies. I was surprised to learn she had only won 3 Golden Globes and 1 Academy Award, given her extensive career. So, Julia needs something strong enough for 11kgs of awards…something medium duty will do!
Interests: Julia loves yoga and books. She will need somewhere to store her yoga gear, but something strong enough to hold books.
Fun Fact: Roberts won the role in Pretty Woman after Michelle Pfeiffer, Molly Ringwald, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Karen Allen and Daryl Hannah turned it down.

BONUS Fun Fact 

You know that famous scene in Pretty Woman when Julia is looking at the gorgeous necklace and Richard snaps the case down on her fingers? That was not part of the original script. Instead, it was a practical joke Richard played on Julia when she was not feeling well, in an effort to cheer her up. After seeing Julia’s reaction, they decided to keep it in the movie.
What we recommend for Julia.
slatwall gondola white retail
A slatwall H gondola will do the trick. Shelving can be added to display the books and awards, as well as a basket at the bottom for her yoga mat.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Confession time. When Romeo and Juliet was released in 1996, I worked at my local Video Ezy. I managed to get a copy of this movie (VHS of course) and one weekend my bestie and I watched it 12 times. We played it over and over again and only stopped for the loo and some food (and to sleep). Hands down one of the best weekends of my life.
Poor Leo has been known to miss out big time on awards. In fact, he didn’t actually win an Academy Award until 22 years after his first nomination, finally picking one up for his work in The Revenant. Cue applause.
After that win Leos weight requirement moved up to 11kgs.
Interests: A little known fact is that Leo collects action figurines and at one stage it was suspected he had hundreds in his collection. This means Leo needs something that will not only display his awards, but also his teeny tiny figurine collection.
Fun Fact: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet helped pay the nursing home fees for the last Titanic survivor so she wouldn’t have to sell anymore Titanic mementos to raise the cash to stay there. I think Leo needs a special spot for his huge, beautiful heart (gush).
Our recommendation for Leo
A glass display case will do the job here. The awards (ahem, huge heart) can be displayed on the top levels and the figurines underneath. A perfect set up.
four tier showcase with lock
That wraps up my 4 favourite Hollywood actors. It turns out it’s not just us every day folk that are in need of storage solutions.

It’s good to know we are prepared for the day Leo walks through the door. Let’s just hope he turns up on a Tuesday or Wednesday when I work.