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Pharmacy Shelving

Quality Pharmacy Shelving

For over 20 years we have supplied our customers with the best in pharmacy and chemist shelving and storage.

We can fit any space, and our systems are customisable, ensuring you maximise your storage area.

As an Australian small business ourselves, we understand the need for not only high quality, but also affordable retail storage solutions. Don’t let our price fool you – we have spent years sourcing only the best suppliers and we buy in quantities that ensures we offer you the best price, every time.

Please note there are links to each product page below, or we have listed some suggested products at the bottom of the page.

If you don't see what you are looking for, just contact us.

Which shelving system should I choose?

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing the pharmacy storage that is right for you.

Essentially it comes down to personal preference and the types of products you are displaying.

Pictured below is punch panel gondola shelving.

The great thing about this type of system is you have the choice of length, height, shelf depth, and the number of shelves. We can even have this system powder coated to your corporate colours if you prefer.

This system works well as a stand alone fixture, like the one below, or the single sided gondola is perfect for placing against a wall. 

pharmacy shelving and storage           pharmacy shelving and storage


If you need a storage system that works well with your wall space, slatwall is another great option. 

Also referred to as slat panel, this system is simple to install and there are multiple fixtures available. Basic shelving with data strips is a very popular choice, or there are hooks, baskets, boxes and many more. We have both melamine shelving and glass shelves available. Extrusions are included in the price.

slatwall for pharmacy


If you have a lot of floor space to fill, slatwall gondolas are a great option. These freestanding units are very versatile, with many accessories available. Some of the units rotate, and signage can be fixed to the top. Wheels are available for some, offering easy movement around your pharmacy.

slatwall gondola   slatwall shelving gondola


Listed below are some of the products discussed above, but we have so many products available, you if don't see what you need here feel free to contact us and we will discuss which pharmacy shelving is best for you.


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